Many of us read looking for a chunk of coal to work and make into a diamond. Are you a miner, are you looking? There are two words which can open doors and minds to the extraordinary.

What if I told you that you have all the time, answers, power and tools needed for extraordinary results to move you forward to your wildest dreams? Get your pen and paper out, get ready to write because I don’t want you to miss anything.

Some of you will not believe, and if you don’t believe you will be right, but if you do believe…

Here goes, “what if”?

I want you to paint a picture in your mind of perfection and put it on one page of the paper. The perfect day, week, month or life, what does that look like? Describe it in detail, the more the details the better. What are you wearing, eating, where do you live, what are you spending your time on, who are with you?

Keep your pen and paper handy, within minutes of seeing your dreams you will be visited by the ghosts of your past telling you stories of why your dream will not work. To make or become extraordinary we have to know what is in our way. These thoughts are what are in our way, write them down. These limiting thoughts will be your to do list. Collectively these thoughts could bring most of us to our knees and destroy all those wonderful thoughts of the life desired. But taken one at a time I believe we can manage to work past them. I am a bit of a dreamer and understand to get what you have never had you must do and believe what you have never done.

The choice is to stay where you are or move forward to something better. I chose something better.

We only control our effort and energy use both to move forward in small tiny tweaks over time with consistency you will see results. Stick with it!

Thanks for visiting with me today, and just think “what if”.