Planning in advance makes life smoother.

How much emotion goes into making your daily decisions? Is there any drama?

Many of us have watched someone struggle to make seemingly simple decisions. I have talked about heading to lunch and running behind. As I am driving to the restaurant my mind thinks through the menu and what will be ordered.

I pull as close to the front door as possible, jump out of my car looking at my watch again. I quickly make my way inside and am happy to see there is only one couple in front of me to be served.

And then it happens, the conversation starts like this, “honey, what do you want”?

I think to my self it is a burger joint, burger, fries and whatever you drink, let’s go!

The conversation continues, “well, I think I want the cheeseburger, or maybe I can get that fish sandwich”.

Oh, how painful, I can feel the minutes ticking away.

I sometimes have work days much like this. I have a project that is planned out well in advance. What I have found it that if my project is planned well in advance there is very little emotion involved when it comes time to make a decision.

My challenge to you is to plan your days in advance. You can take some of the drama out of the day when you control the emotions. My goal for you is to move you forward.

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