The biggest lie we ever tell ourselves, “I’ll write that down later”.

Do you know the miserable feeling of having a million thoughts running through your mind as you try to sleep? This is when a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. It is time to take some action.

Here is my recipe for calming my mind. First get a note pad of paper and pencil and place them next to my bed. Be ready to write a note so you can remember in the morning.

As I go through my day I have great thoughts that would be helpful in moving forward. It could be when I am in the shower, out for a walk or driving down the road. In the moment I do not take the time to write the thought down. Minutes later task complete and you find yourself struggling to remember what was so important.

For me it could be blog topics, for you it could be a grocery list, the kids schedule or a major project at the office.

When do the thoughts show up, while you are unwinding and maybe heading to bed. Those thoughts have been know to show up in the middle of the night.  Get your pad of paper and pencil and keep them handy.

Sleep well my friend.

Did you  move forward today?

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.