Have you ever seen someone do something and mutter those words, “that was so beautiful, I wish I could do that”.

There are people born with talent, or gifted athletes with the extra step. As with most things in life “that” thing they do comes from endless hours of training and practice.

In the book the Outliners it is documented to become an expert of any skill it takes ten thousand hours or roughly ten years of effort. This rule does not hold true for everyone. Speaking for the average person such as my self it takes effort to become good or outstanding.

We are all born with talents and we all have skills. It is the skills and talents we develop which determines who we are today.

The true question is what do you want to be? What do you want to develop? You want people skills get off of your iPhone. You want computer skills get into a lab or in front of the computer and learn.

To become an elite athlete you must train and practice. We see people in pro sports with all the talent in the world and they refuse to practice and eventually they are passed up by guys with less talent willing to work harder on themselves to get where they want to be.

Remember the message-work harder on yourself than you do at any other project.

It will give you the best returns for a lifetime.