When was the last time you found an old email that made your day? That would be today for me. I get so busy doing, sometimes I forget to take time to listen.

The email I found was from a past student from a 4-day training class some time ago. It started like many emails I have received in the past. Here is what it said:

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help and support during the last quarter of 2105 when I had the opportunity to meet you.

I met you at the recent training program and have proceeded to engage myself in your 10 second daily programs and have started studying via your books…

As a baby boomer who could have easily got down, depressed and lost after losing what I thought was my life time dream job as a sales manager leading the nation with a fortune 50 major US company, I had been seeking new direction in my life.

I had divorced from a 25 year marriage. Lost my relationship with my only son and really just needed balance in my life.

By re-adjusting my stinking thinking and focusing on mentors like yourself and their teachings I have made these changes:

  1. Always think positive, success and not failure.
  2. Write my goals down daily. 1st thing in morning and review at night.
  3. Do what ever it takes that is positive and ethical to attain those goals.
  4. Always self-train, Every single day, Never stop learning.
  5. Be persistent  and never let anyone out work me or my sales team.

2015 has been a blessing. My son is back with me and proceeding to finish college and build his dream business. My ex is moving back in and from 800 miles away we are going to make it work and most of all God has blessed me this year! Looking forward to an awesome 2016!

Signed JR

I will check in with my friend and give you an update!

All these words to say I am excited for your success.

I hope you moved forward today, and thanks for sharing a few minutes with me today.