How you approach your day determines what you get out of it.

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I had the opportunity to listen to Nathan Rosenberg with Insignianm. He ask us to think about how we arrive at work each day. Then ask us to rate our-self on how we show up based on the list below.
+ Owner
+ Leader
+ Supporter
+ Follower
S Good Soldier
– Overt Resistor
– Prisoner
– Sabator
– Sleep Walker

He then ask us to determine what was at stake for us each day. To put my own spin on his question would be asking you what is your why? Understand your why is eighty percent of your reason for doing anything.

What is wonderful about any exercise such as this one is we are able to not only look at our business, we could also look at our personal lives in the same manner.

In the deepest parts of my mind believe with a happy home life comes a happy more productive work life. Your actions become effortless and you accomplish more,

So how do you show up? There are other activities determining where you are such as do you get the rest you need? Do you take your family time serious or are you on the couch watching mindless television?

Take time and explore, take adventures and create excitement. You will be amazed how taking action will ignite the other areas of your live.