A project is nearing it’s end, how do you finish? It is a valid question. We will all be ask to preform at some point in our careers.

There are some people that plod along never getting too high with excitement of getting ahead, or too distracted in running behind. They take all the time available to complete a project. The project may be perfect, exactly what was ask to complete the task at hand.

There are other people that thrive on getting a task and knocking it out. They never run behind, and make decisions in split seconds. They allow for the project to not be perfect and will take risks in order to finish the task at hand early. If they do fall behind it is devastating to them and could cause decision making difficult near completion.

Then again the third option. I love these guys, most of the time. It is difficult for them to say the word “no”. They see projects as an opportunity to grow. They take risks and they have fun. The majority of the time they find success. However their inability to say “no” could cause issues by in time or stretching out of their comfort zone maybe more then they should.

Are you the plodder, the emotional or I can’t say “no” employee? Each one can learn from the other. Any one of these personality types can succeed. Which one are you?