I sat at the table with three other professional, like minded men last week. We had started an accountability group.

I opened the discussion with a few questions, I wanted to get each one of us on the same mind set.

My initial thought of the group is we were all very much alike. We were all headed in the same direction with many of the same thoughts using the same language.

After all if they all think like me this process was going to be easy.

As we wrapped up our one hour meeting we all agreed to take a quick assessment of our personality type.

A little later that afternoon I took that survey, and so did the others.

It was eye-opening to me to find we all were very different. I assumed because we looked alike we all thought alike.

Maybe you could find the same results from your office, gym or any other group you may have.

My point is this-you can have ideas of what may be important to those other members, but you could be off the mark.

You may not be able to take an assessment, but remember your co-worker may have the answer to your question. It may be right up their alley and could help you move forward.

What are you willing to do to move forward?

Ask questions?

Have a great day!