Don’t you love when you find yourself in the middle of a deep conversation and you remember where you came from, even more, you amaze yourself with what you have achieved.

What is even better is to remember you are not done yet.

I hope you are like me and get excited when you understand you can do more. As long as I wake up tomorrow I can move forward.

The question is how much more can one person accomplish with the skills and talents we own?

Remember all the greats started just like us. They were just ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. How did they build their dreams. Many were not highly educated, or wealthy or have perfect looks. They just took one day at a time adding persistence and consistence in their daily routines.

What they did have is what I call the “it” factor. That is the individual always looking for ways to say “yes” or “how can I help you”, always trying to move forward if only an inch or two.

So think about your day, how do you complete one more task, make one more call, or make one more person smile?

You must be specific about the direction you want to go.

Move forward today!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.