Travel back with me into my past. Here are some of the highlights. I am 5 years old boy in 1965 living in the small town of Mishawaka Indiana with my three brothers and mother. A few years later, 1967 the four boys move to a new town with our father, step-mother and five other siblings. We lived simple and learned not to waste or ask for too much, money was tight. 1979 graduated from high school and then off to the military to play in Submarine for a four years.

Fast forward. Today in my fifties and I am asking myself, “how did I become me”? So I start asking myself questions”

  • What were the defining choices that make me who I am?
  • Was it one choice?
  • How do I know?
  • What could I have done different?
  • Could I have changed my own circumstances?

There are plenty of other questions we can ask ourselves.

Maybe the most important question is are you living in today, “are you living in the present”? I have a good friend that shared that thought with me a few years ago. Holly Miller, thank you for asking me that important question. She was outside looking in, and she told me I may be working too hard. She said don’t forget your family, “be present in today with who ever you spend time with”. That thought was a gift, and I think about it often.

I want you to work hard, and I want you to move forward but don’t ever forget to live in the present.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me, I hope this thought moved you forward today.