In the past month I have received over sixty comments. I love the feedback. Half of the comments were businesses talking about SEO or making my blog go viral.

The comments left were thanking me for sharing and asking for additional information.

One question was asking about living a life of gratitude.

Living a life a gratitude is not about money. It is not about what you can buy someone. It is about being intentional about living from the heart.

  • Some examples could be as simple as paying it forward with a smile to a stranger.
  • It could be opening the door for the person behind you.
  • Maybe letting a person cut in line if they seem in a hurry.
  • Maybe as simple as an acknowledgement, “have a great day!” or “how are you”.

Gratitude may be a great reason for you to slow down and listen when giving of yourself.

One example given was to acknowledge a person with, “how are you”, and I will say something random like “yesterday”. I just want a reaction, but generally it is never noticed. So did they really care how I was?

If you are going to use gratitude each day take time to enjoy the results.

Rules for me, never say or do something you genuinely do not mean.

It must come from the heart.

Such as “I hope you have a great day!”

; )