Maybe I should have started with why do we challenge ourselves each day.

I can only tell you from my point of view, and it is quite simple.

I am not competing with anyone except the man in the mirror.

As a fact, I can’t really compete with anyone because there is no equal.

Sounds kind of egotistical?

You can say the same thing. There is no other person created exactly like you, therefore why would you try to compete with other people?

I know there are smarter people then me, so I ask myself years ago how do I get smarter so I began a daily learning exercise to find one unknown fact and write it down. That exercise became my daily blog.

As of today I continue to grow my knowledge and attempt to share it each morning.

This is year number five and am proud to say I’ve not missed a day of posting since I began.

Has it made me smarter, I’m sure, but I have a long way to go.

The question for you is what is it you are doing each day to move forward, get smarter, or helping you to the life of your dreams?

Thanks for sharing some of your time with me, biggest compliment ever.

Because you can make more money, but you can’t make more time.

Spend it wisely.