There have been so many examples in my life of work baggage getting in my way of a promotion or even a creating a comfortable working environment. Generally it was about me and my  mindset.

As an example, this past year I was given an opportunity to expand my knowledge by changing departments. The majority of the past twenty some years had been spent training and developing a specific group of people. I felt at ease working with this group.

Little did I know how changing groups of people would change my normal, routines and mindset. And it was not just the people that changed, it was also my daily routines.

Instead of traveling solo I would now be part of a team. This team had worked together for years. They would travel, eat, share rides, meet at the bar to have a meeting together. It was a bit overwhelming from my routine of traveling alone, setting up, training, eating on the way back to the hotel all in my own world.

I kept asking, why me? And the thoughts I’d tell myself. I’m not the right person, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have the experience. It is difficult, Am I going to fail, I can’t do this….

Most if not all of these thoughts are self defeating.

The one person you communicate with the most throughout the day is yourself. If this is all you hear, can you see why you might struggle? It is the baggage of the past creating the environment.

If we listen to these negative messages long enough they will become reality.

All of those thoughts were brought on by me and an insecurities I was brining into the present. I had to encourage myself to get better each day. Work hard to establish myself and ignore those thoughts, they were the baggage holding me back.

I could only get the experience by working the job, the confidence would come in learning, doing and by being present.

My challenge to you is to think about what you tell yourself on a daily basis. Are you encouraging yourself or are you building a wall with negative thoughts. If you are building a wall it may take some time to and effort to stop the old habits and retool your thinking.

You are now aware and have the power to change.

I know you can do it. We all have the ability to change our thoughts and move forward each day.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today.