A follow up to “The True Meaning Of Champion”, Ray Evernham.

One of the greatest crew chiefs and most successful car owners in the history of NASCAR history. That is how the first line in his resume reads. The accomplishments are broken down to specifics such as three time NASCAR Cup Champion, 51 wins in 216 races, voted “Greatest Crew Chief of All-Time.

If success leaves a trail, I’m following this guy.

He was speaking about and shared 12 good definitions, here is number eleven; The mark of a true CHAMPION is how hard they work when no one is watching!

I would never expect everyone to agree with everything I post. We all have our own thoughts and realities. There are however some undeniable truths such as the most successful people in the world do the little things better than anyone else or the topic of today, what do you do when on one is looking?

This conversation could go many ways. Here is my personal take: I am driven to do my best work when no one is looking. I have the freedom to complete a task however I feel is best. This encourages me to work harder to get better results and move forward at every opportunity.

That being said this conversation is about you. This is about integrity, discipline and desire to move forward. How hard do you work when no one is looking?

Thanks for your time today, and find 10 seconds and move forward today.