The power of a goals list.

This morning as I was visiting with my wife we were discussing how fast the year has passed. We are now in June and have just returned from our get away in Clear Water Beach Fla, four days and three nights of relaxing, sort of. For me I do get some down time, and other times my mind races as we discuss our future goals and plans developing the “good life”. Not great, not unreal-we know there will be some set backs. But a good life, one to be proud of filled with the important things.

As we envision what we want my future to resemble I sometimes forget to look back and see what we have completed based on our goals written late last year. We are at the mid point of the year. Time for a review. This only works if you have laid the ground work out in advance by documenting your desired direction and goals.

  • Do you have a list of goals?
  • Do you have a date or time table on them?
  • Are they items you have never completed before (are you growing)?

I pulled my printed out goals for this year and see 9 of the 12 are completed and ready to be marked off. The 3 remaining goals involve travel. The flights are set, hotels are booked and cars reserved. I think we have this year under control right now.

What about next year, we have already listed two trips on the calendar for next year. We have reserved our room for Clear Water Beach for May and are already talking about what we can do with our time there, excited and looking for adventure.

I challenge you to follow my lead. I am an ordinary man living an extraordinary life. I can tell you how, but you have to do the work and it is all in the little things.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.

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