I spent a few hours with one of the most interesting people I have ever had the opportunity to visit with. He spoke at my local North TX, NSA (National Speakers Association) meeting on February 18th, 2017. His name is Dr John B Molidor the National President of NSA, Ph.D., CSP, and one heck of a nice guy.

It was one of those love hate things. I loved the information, I always like hearing about the brain. He had so much value, I was truly amazed. I hated the fact many of the key facts I had been taught were taught out of context.

He would call it his soapbox, it was filled with myth busting some of the best stories I had been taught years earlier. Here are a few:

  • Communications is 7% Words, 38% Tone and 55% Body Language, you better check the facts on this one.
  • The Harvard/Yale study about writing down your goals, and the percent of achievement, you better check the facts.
  • NLP, you better check the facts.

One of his points was about addressing his students is they are fact checking him for accuracy as he speaks.

My question to you is where are you fact checking, and how deep are you diving? I would challenge you to not take the first article you read as fact.

As a matter of fact George Washington posted on his internet blog, well never mind, what was I thinking.

Thanks for joining me, and if you value your integrity then make sure you are checking your facts.