I love listening to speakers when the room is filled and you can feel the energy. The room is controlled with the tone of voice and body movement as well as the words we say or defer. We build up that one question. We all do it, we have that one question we like to ask to get everyone to think in their own head for a few minutes. You know it is the right question by the reactions of the crowd. You hear gasps, and you hear whispers of agreements.

Here is one of my favorites, “if you had your days to live over again, could you have accomplished more”?

Who would ever say they have done all they could possibly do to move forward. The audience members think to themselves if I said I have done all I could, then the speaker could ask me questions to get the answer they wanted in the first place. That might be embarrassing.

Ask yourself that question on a regular basis, “have I done all that I could to move forward”? This question is not about you, it is about the lifestyle you chose and the people you love.

All of you deserve the best you have to offer.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today.