It has been some time since we talked about your goals. Are they still defined in writing, with an end date? Are your goals challenging you to move forward or are you waiting for something to happen? And if you are waiting for something to happen who is really in control?

I do believe the only thing we are in control of is our attitude, effort and actions.

I have worked for the past six years on a plan. Even though I had this great plan mapped and written out there were many bumps in the road. Bumps like as a change in the direction of my current job. The company changed my role, it was very challenging for me to get my head around the impact it would have on me a year later.

I survived, and continued to work on my plan but everything had changed. The amount of time I had each day, the travel, even the people I worked with and my energy. I went from delivering training classes alone to having a group of trainers working together. From 8 hour days to 12-14 hour days.

The truth, this was a good learning lesson for me. I found myself questioning my own effort at times. I had to look in the mirror and ask myself, do I really want to follow-through with the commitment I had made to myself.

I reviewed my written goals and reminded myself what I was working so hard for, and why. It was and is about building a better life-style for my family.

How about you, are you creating a better life for your family, loved ones and yourself?

You have control – attitude, effort and actions. Make it work out for you!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.