It is an early Monday morning as I rush to the airport. Behind schedule I pull into the parking garage. The minutes tick as I search for the right parking spot. Circling the garage for an open spot my anxiety rises. Ah, there is a spot. I rush with my bags toward the terminal and into the security line, once cleared I head to my gate. Running a few minutes behind schedule, with a lot on my mind.

Have you ever had one of those days?

The day is not going as well as planned. Maybe you are tired and going through the motions. You could be emotionally drained.

A day like this is the perfect day for me to pay it forward.

Why in the world would I pay it forward?

I can tell you the reason why I do might surprise you. There are actually two reasons, them and me.

Of course it started about giving to others. A cup of coffee, a breakfast biscuit or a soft drink. I was amazed at the reactions. Every single time I extend myself out to another individual I could see them smile.

Paying it forward is also about an emotional boost for me. It gives me human interaction, a simple conversation.  Many times this conversation leads to a smile. The smile adds to my confidence.

My challenge to you is if you are struggling give, give, give.

Check out my book “10 Seconds Pay It Forward”

Your paying forward may do even more for you then you realize.