Every day can be a surprise of unexpected growth

Seems like a normal week. I jump on an airplane and head out. That point was the last normal of this particular week.

I was heading to a week of conferences. First stop was Houston with a room full of flat out talent. The kind of talent running car dealerships around the world all in one room for four days.

What a great opportunity to gain insight into how other operators do business. A chance to get one on one with a challenging ego and make some head way.

The breakouts are great and filled with useful information. And the department meetings line out the quickly approaching future.

I love the information but will always cherish the interactions. The side conversations. The one on one, face to face.

What will you learn today. My notebook is full with ideas and information to help me move forward.

What are you doing with your week. Are you at a boring conference or do you want to hang out with me and gain insight and information to make yourself better?

Stay tuned for two more days from Houston and three days from Austin.

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