As I plan my week I have some specific tasks always taking space on my list of things to complete. The truth is Sunday is my day to spend an hour or two blogging. I can schedule my blogs for each day of the week and then each morning I wake up I post those pre-written thoughts. It does not always work out that way. Being transparent, writing all my blog posts on Sunday does not happen enough. Typically I write one or two posts and it gets late, I get distracted by a shinny item like a bird or a cat. And poof, the time passes, it becomes bedtime.

Then the process changes.  The process becomes wake up early in order to blog, or skip my daily exercise due to lack of time or both. Many times my natural alarm goes off in my head telling me I have forgotten to do something somewhere around 4 a.m. The alarm tells me to get up. I really don’t want to get up that early, although the fear of missing a day is bigger than my desire to stay in bed.

My thought today is about how life gets in the way of habits and great plans. To balance your habits with your distractions is difficult. 2015 was crazy busy and I ignored some of my responsibilities to my family having too much focus on work. 2016 I committed myself to spend better time, be more present with my family. Both are deserving, both are important.

I can’t tell you how to balance your life. I can tell you to set priorities. When your Mom or Wife says its time to fire up the grill that becomes the priority. Be present with the ones you love. If I miss a blog post no-one will know but me. If I miss a special moment with my family it will last much longer.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.