Another way to say this same thing is what makes you happy? When I think of the emotions of being excited or happy I think about doing something or making something happen.

Humans are happy when life is in motion. We never seem to stay in one place, we are moving forward and back on a continuous basis. Not sure if you believe me, tell me the last time you stayed in the same place professionally or in a relationship for a more than 30 days. When you think about that time how did you feel after a couple of weeks. You may be using the words boring, tired or depressed.

I love watching new employees. Many times they show up to work early and do what ever it takes to complete a task. Compare that to the fifteen year employee that knows the ropes and the expectations may not have changed for some time.

I used to spend some time consulting with a General Manager and he always liked to mix things up. He was constantly tinkering with the employees and their roles. He knew if  he kept them moving, learning and exploring his staff would be happier. And he was right. His staff seldom resigned and if they did they seemed to be taking positions to better themselves and their family’s status.

So don’t get stuck being un-happy. Keep moving forward, exploring for new things.

Make progress today!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.