Many times when I am conducting a training session, speaking or just hanging out with friends I sprinkle humor around, I look for laughs and smiling faces. Then I know the audience is engaged and I am on my game.

My goal in any situation with any group of people gathered is to give them something to remember, help them move forward in what is most important to them. I love learning about new stuff, I will tell you there are some people who have a vast knowledge and yet we can’t remember those nuggets of valuable information when they share. Why is that?

Why is it that all quality speakers use stories and humor? When speakers gather their discussions are about what methods work best, and who is known for what as a speaker. We find a common thread of those most admired and desired as they are the humorist. Those speakers who put a smile on our face, smiling is emotions.

I believe it goes deeper than that, I don’t believe you can learn unless you are in the right emotional state of mind, good or bad. Think about those situations you have learned the most. I would guess many of those opportunities were when there was an event. I also believe as a trainer/speaker the materials should be delivered in a humorous way in order for the information to be memorable. That is why we tell stories, and stories sell.

Next time you go to see a speaker or take a course listen to the delivery, the stories and the humor. On the other hand what if you get the monotone facilitator who does not engage you with stories and action.

Not sure you believe me, when was the last big emotional event in your life? What do you remember? Good or bad these are the moments of your life.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.