Ask yourself the question, do I finish what I start?

Or even better, ask your friends if you finish what you start.

I can proudly say I have finished every triathlon, marathon or ultra-marathon I have ever started.

The same can not be said for activities at work or in my personal life. There are times I struggle with eating the right foods, or even having a long enough attention span for completing simple tasks each day at the office. Those days are frustrating to say the very least.

Many times I can look back and see the errors in my ways. I was not prepared for the day. I did not eat right, or did not get enough sleep, or fill in the blank.

I am a work in progress, with constant reminders such as a to-do list to help me keep focused at the tasks at hand.

When I fail in making my lists I seem to lose time. I don’t know where it goes the clock keeps ticking regardless if I  am on task or not.

As a reminder I make my daily decisions and they will determine what I get done or not.

Time for me to plan my week.