Sad to say you cannot believe everything you read on the internet.

Here is an example of a story I want to believe. It is the story of Albert Einstein. The story starts with Albert coming home from elementary school with a letter he was told to give to his mother. As he hands her the letter he asks she read him the content. The mother reads the letter and tells him the school said he is far too intelligent to attend and they were asking for him not to return.

His mother had experience as an educator so she elected to home school Albert.

This is  a great for giving you a feel good story of hope. The problem is it is not exactly true. Parts are true.  There was a letter and he went on to greatness thanks to his mother. Her best actions may  not have been the home schooling.

As the story goes, years latter Albert found the letter and read it and this is what it really said. Dear Mrs Einstein. We the board feel Albert Einstein is a distraction and is not mentally equipped to handle school like most of the other children. We are expelling him and he is not to return.

I want you to plan to read each day in your effort to make progress. Look for credible resources. Facebook, daily news on your television may not be the best places to search. If you are like me and you use stories to train or equip other individuals to handle life’s daily stresses.