I’m having a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine. They have a successful business of their own. It is a one-man show so the business lives and dies based on their actions each day, week or month.

I ask a simple question, “what do you have going on today”?

The conversation started with how my friend had been “off their game”, followed by a lengthy to-do list which would take any human weeks to complete.

We started with an excuse. When ever someone asks for my help and starts with an excuse they gain my undivided attention. What ever they say next is very important.

The problem was simple to me. So I ask of the many tasks you offered up today, what can you complete.

They replied, “I can make ten calls”

My reply, “define what a call is, is it a contact, or a voice mail”,  “ten calls or ten contacts?” The truth is you can make ten calls in ten minutes. Leaving a message only takes about fifteen seconds on average.

My friend next response was expected, “okay, I will make five contacts today”.

If your plate is too full it is time to defrag your brain, have a garage sale and clear out some of the junk getting in the way of your progress.

When we have so much stuff it is like an obstacle course, we are worn out by visiting all the stations never completing anything.

Have a great day, put your garage sale sign out, pick one thing and complete it today.