Come with me on an adventure to exotic places, with beautiful nature and wild animals. It is a place were dreams are made, and they come true too.

Picture this, your heart races as you out run the lion after you have just saved the village from the beast. Then you end up at the most tranquil waterfall setting you have ever experienced in a small intimate lagoon with the perfect mate.

Ah, what a great movie.

Would those shots take any practice, or rehearsing?

I believe the answer would be yes. As a matter of fact they may have to do one shot many times over to get it right.

And while the cameras are  rolling subject matter experts are criticizing every second of every move. They want to get the emotions and settings just right.

If someone followed you around with a camera each day would you change your effort or would you want a retake?

If a subject matter expert watched you today what could you learn?

How do you rehearse to get the best shot each day?

We don’t get to reshoot the day if we don’t like the outcome or how it looked as we review it.

We get chances to learn each day, do we take advantage of the subject matter expert or do we allow our ego to get in the way?

Lots of questions only you can answer.

Give it some thought.

Have a wonderful day.

Thank you for sharing some of your time today.