In my office I have two articles hanging. They show a clear difference of periods in my life and mindset.

One frame contains a number of awards for competing in marathons, ultra-marathon and one hundred mile bike rides. When I think about those medals it reminds me of my way of thinking. Those races were all about me. I wanted people to know I was good and proudly displayed the results. My goal was to win.

The other frame contains covers from six books I have authored over the past few years. As I look at those covers I am proud to say they are not about me. Each cover is an opportunity for those reading to explore themselves. I used stories of my losses both emotional and physical to help others over come some of the rough patches they may be experiencing. I hope people see encouragement and a desire to help people.

Two seasons of life. It is easy as a youth to be caught up in awards. It seems awards lead to acceptance.  I do believe learning about winning and losing are important. However you must keep the right mindset. It is not win at all cost, you must follow the rules.

As you mature and you have had some good life experiences then it is your job to share to help others grow.

Encourage people to move forward.

Life is hard at times.

Og Mandino says it best when thinking about good times or bad, “and this to shall pass”. The only thing constant is change.