Isn’t it funny we have some days the stars all seem to line up. You know what I am talking about, the perfect world for one day, everything just flows like you had planned. It excites you for the upcoming days.

Other days you think to yourself how did I get in the middle of this mess?

My question is what are we planning for? None of us plan to live a chaotic life. More times than most living out of control is the result of waiting for someone else to make a decision for us.

It could be a result of indecision or procrastination. Either way we take the power of decision or choice out of our hands.

When we fail to make decisions to move us forward we go backwards.

My challenge for you today is to make decisive decisions and continue to move forward each day. Every single decision impacts what your tomorrows will look like, but not making a decision you have made a decision. The quest is to make the right decision.

Thanks for joining me today as we explore the trail to move each of us forward each day.