I am so grateful for the ability to listen and hear messages hidden in my day to day activities. My senior pastor is one of those people spreading wisdom each Sunday about life. I know his focus is on the Word of God, the life messages I hear and take away always amaze me. They may not be the initial intended reason for what he shares. When you look in the mirror you find your own message.

Here is one of the statements he made this week and I knew I had to write down. He said “when the memories of the past are stronger then your vision going forward you may be nearing the end”. You see this in relationships, or jobs to mention a few.

In a relationship you could quit doing the things you loved together and long for the way it used to be in the past. You quit looking for ways to make it better. You give up. You could be living in the past by saying those amazing words, “do you remember when”. You could be asking why questions, looking for answers from past events instead of asking what questions, such as what if…. and looking forward.

I want you to be a what person. Ask what you can do, and do that task with purpose.

Remember the sinking ship is sinking from the water on the inside, not the water outside of the boat.

Your thoughts control the outcomes.

Thanks for joining me today