“I am so behind today and I feel rushed”.

This makes me think of a Beatles song that starts out, (the beat is fast) “ran the comb across my head, made the bus in seconds flat, found my way…. I believe it is about how fast life passes you by. This concerns me.

How is my day going to end up? I’ll be tired and may not remember any of the things completed.  And of the things completed how is the quality of my effort on this rushed day?

If you get up late, or you make time for another persons agenda then regroup. You will never be able to go back and recapture the time lost.

Let’s face it being late is on you. Making time for a loved one is not always convenient. Although may well be worth the extra effort later in the day.

What I have seen is people that start cutting time from other projects to make up for that lost time. My question is will you still as productive as you would have been.

That leads to another question, were you a slacker, lol. Were you taking longer than you need to actually complete the task? Is it because it was an activity to fill (busy work) your work day or was it something you needed to complete?

I hope you plan your day and expect the unexpected.

Getting behind should not change the fact that you have goals that are written and monitored with dates and expectations.

Take a deep breath, or a minute for yourself. Remind yourself what is important today. Not for work, for you. A common theme this week has been about working on you.

You are the most important project you will ever have, there is no end date, only continuous improvement each day.