Know why you set your goals and you won't need New Years.

What is it about flipping the calendar one day that changes everything?

On birthdays we hear, “how does it feel to be…”, and New Years Day we set all these new resolutions as if something big has changed. Do you feel different from one day to the next? Maybe not, although each new day could be a new beginning.

I hope you welcomed in the new year with optimism and enthusiastic expectations.

Did you set a new years resolution?

More simply put did you set a new goal?

If you are serious about maintaining your resolution I hope you upped the odds and wrote the resolution on a piece of paper and posted it where you can see it daily. Actually if you are want to be very deliberate you will post your goal in several places such as your mirror you use in the morning. Maybe your car, or desk, how about on the refrigerator?

Make sure it does not become what I call white noise. You see the note and forget the meaning of posting it in the first place.

If you have set a resolution or a goal make a note of the why, or the benefit of completing your goal.

The “why” is the only thing that will get you through the times you want to give up. The bigger the why, the better chance you have of completing your task.

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