After spending many years in businesses around the country I have found this time of year perfect season for reviewing our daily processes. After all we are starting to think of the new year, with new budgets to hit. Chances are you have some valuable steps in your processes which has evaporated throughout the year.

There are many reasons why we change our desired habits such as we were so busy :

  1. We short cut our processes to do additional business.
  2. We were short handed.
  3. We were not paying attention.
  4. We just got lazy and lost our focus.

Why did we have those processes in the first place?

  1. To make money.
  2. To be more effective.
  3. To be more efficient.
  4. To be compliant.

What ever the reason, should we go back and review the what and the why? What would be the logical reason and why would be the emotional reason. Your process will fall into one of those two categories.

Right now is the perfect time to reset those expectations. Write them down in an action plan. If this is for business then place a financial goal with it as part of the action plan. This is the easy part, now the work starts.

So I have a written action plan, measure it on a regular basis. At a minimum twice a month, and make sure your staff understands their part.

If it is a personal goal you still write it down. Why do we give so much effort to action planning for work and not for our personal lives.

Set a goal, reach it, reward yourself.

I’m excited to hear of some of your goals.

I’ll post my goals in the coming weeks. I am planning on moving forward!

Thanks for joining me today.