Start with a simple focus.

Here we are the 27th of January, we are closing in on the end of the month already. I find myself searching for content for the daily blog. I keep asking my self why it is so difficult to get my videos and blog done each day. I feel like I am getting behind.

As I thought about last year, 325 videos created in the past year. The process seemed so much easier so I ask myself what had changed.

As I reviewed in my mind the ease of completing my daily routine of creating the video and blog I remembered I had subjects for each day of the week last year.

  • Monday was all about planning
  • Tuesday was about Laws of Attraction
  • Wednesdays were about making Progress
  • Thursday was about Deep Thinking
  • Friday was a Review of the past five days
  • Saturday was Family/Fun
  • Sundays were about my Jake and Bark In The Park dedicated to the animals we love.

It was so simple with proper planning and knowing in advance I can take back control of my time and energy.

Time for me to make some decisions and answer the question of what my focus each day will be this year . I have determined to produce video and blogs for Monday through Friday. The weekends need to be my down time with my wife and family.

Knowing what to focus on will make this process becomes easier.

Email suggestions to me directly.

Have a wonderful day.

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