What do people see when you walk into a room? Have you ever wondered how you looked?

If you spend time with people I would challenge you to take a few minutes and make a short 30 second video of yourself. The technology today will let you take a quick clip and it will not cost you a penny.

It could open your eyes to what others see. Much like looking in a mirror as you get ready for work. How many of us interact with others? Your phone would work just fine, cue it up. Do a Facebook “live” clip.

You don’t have to be a speaker, trainer or supervisor to be in front of people on a regular basis. What is the impression you give when you have the floor during a meeting?

I make it a habit to check out a short clip of me in different settings. How will I get better if I don’t know? For some it could be eye opening and for others you may not want to change a thing. Whichever way it works out you can learn from the activity. You can get better and move forward.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.