Have you ever been in a funk? You know what I’m talking about, where you just feel blaaa. It happens to all of us. The real question is what do you do about it, how do you get out of your funk?

With most things is life, change takes action. When I think of success action is one of my three characteristics along with attitude and effort that helps us move forward.

Nothing changes without action. The question for you is what action, I don’t feel like doing anything. If I tell you go and do something you don’t enjoy to just get you moving what would your attitude be? How good of an effort would I get? I would say my success rate would be low and you would think I am a little crazy. What I will tell you is to get moving, only do something you enjoy, something that puts a smile on your face.

I like working out, and always feel better once I complete my walk,  weights or jog. That is my go to when I am feeling out of it. If you are at work and hate filing take care of another task and come back to filing when you have the right energy.

For some of you it may be crawling into a book that takes you away from where you are now. It could be a motivational book, CD or tape. It could be finding the right music and turning it up, music has a way of taking control of our emotions. For others you will be joining me at the gym and yet others will be out for a walk at the beach (I always love the beach).

Thanks for joining me today, what are you doing to move forward today?