It was a week ago the entire nation was stirring with thoughts of the upcoming election. We find ourselves today with a new president elect as designed.

We also find riots, and even people questioning their own decision.

What amazes me most is even after the votes have been counted and the final results posted there are people who do not accept the results. I have spent some time reading about how our founding fathers outlined our election process so many years ago. They seem to have thought of everything when trying to keep the election fair and fail safe.

The founding fathers did not want a democracy, they said it would fail within a few years. They understood that a populous vote was too easy to control or rig.

I challenge you to review how the electoral college system works and why it was created.

I do understand there are people that are not happy with the results, and I even understand their why. I don’t have to agree with anyone, that is my choice.

If you are on the winning side or not be humble to those who may be struggling to accept the results. There are people being affected in adverse ways with the results. It would have been the same result even if the other party had won, just different people rioting.


Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.