As I was writing my blog in my hotel room the other morning my phone rang. My wife was calling, so I picked up the phone and answered it. The conversations started the same as always, “what are you doing”. I told her I was writing my blog post for that day. Her next question was, “what are you writing about today”? I answered, today is about desire.

She said, sexy huh?

Well our minds were in two different places. She was thinking about fun and frolic while I was thinking about driving desires to move us forward to reach our goals and dreams.

My key point today is that desire is not a bad thing. We are wired to desire. We have problems when our desires are either not strong enough, or too strong. If they are not strong enough we will never finish our tasks. We will be easily distracted and could be filled with frustration not allowing us to move forward. On the other hand if our desire becomes an obsession we could be so driven we pass up other important events in our lives. We may accomplish the one task or goal pertaining to the one area in our lives. But what about the other important areas.

Remember there is comfort in balance, pay attention to our personal, financial, spiritual, vocational and other areas of life. It is great that you work extremely hard to provide for your family. However if you work so hard your family could feel left out and you could miss important moments with your family.

Balance, moving forward in small steps over a long period of time in several areas of life.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.