Sitting on the tailgate of my truck with my wife eating an ice cream cone on a cool afternoon, ah true happiness.

Then a loud obnoxious group of people park next to us with music up high, smoking, drinking with people arguing using slurs and racial conversation!

Boy that changed  our moods quickly to not so happy.

Is it safe to say that happiness is fleeting and can change in seconds? I believe so.

You are driving down the highway singing along to your favorite music and the driver behind you decides to tailgate, or speeds around you and cuts you off.

Happy, not so happy!

Most people try to put themselves in position to be happy. It is not the toys we own, nor the job we have typically brining us the most happiness. Many times it is the people and quiet moments that matter most.

At times it is our choices we make. If we get upset because we happen to end up at the same place as people with a lack of respect then move, you are not a tree.

If some wild driver gets in your space, and most of us fall into this category at one time or another, then let them speed off into the sunset. Driving is not a contest to be won or lost.

Our emotions challenge us because we feel like someone is being unfair to us.

The truth is happiness is a simple choice.

I get to choose how I respond to adversities. Do I accept people have different ways to express who they are, sure. Do I have to get revenge or one up, nope. A choice.

Anger, revenge take away your happiness, give it up. A choice.

It takes a stronger mind to walk away. A choice.

After all if you chase the guy down that cut you off what are you going to do? If I cut you off it was because I did not realize how close we were and I am already embarrassed and feel bad.

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me. OH, A choice!

Remember, You can make more money but you can’t make more time, spend it wisely.