Be accountable to look to each day with excitement and anticipation.

I realize each day I wake up and go through the morning routines these are the habits I have accepted and developed over time.

Think about the events each morning when you wake up. Some people do not use a clock, some people do while others may use the snooze on a regular basis.

Using a clock is your choice. You may say, if I do not use a clock then I can not wake up. Maybe you do not have a good reason to wake up, you have nothing to look forward to.

Each day I wake up before the alarm. My alarm is a back up and seldom rings. My view of each day may be different from yours. I see new adventures, challenges and life to live. Others believe they need to survive another day.

I look at each day much like people going to the interview of their lives. My clothes are picked out for the next day, if I am in a hotel they are laid out on the bed. A small thing, when is the last time you laid out your clothes for the next day.

To me it is a time saver. I have more important things to do in the morning when my energy is the highest then spend any time picking out clothes. As a matter of fact my clothes are determined when I packed the Sunday for the entire week.

If you are excited about the day ahead you may not need an alarm. If you were going on a big adventure, fishing, golfing with Jordan or another event you have always wanted to experience you would be up, early in most cases.

Make everyday this exciting experience. Live your life to the fullest. Everyday is a gift, take advantage of every opportunity to have fun, explore and experience life. One day this will all be gone and we don’t know when.

By the way, Happy 16th Anniversary Rojelia. The love of my life.

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