This morning, like most mornings, there are hundreds of thoughts running through my mind.

I understand and except that my day will be full. Every second will be filled with some actions determined by the decisions I make. Those decisions will determine the outcome of my day.

Multiplied over time will become my life.

I feel like I am rushing through my days, and they are flying by much too fast. I don’t seem to be enjoying my days like I wish. Maybe I need to change something.

I am attempting to slow down to allow for better quality use of my time. As that thought moves to the front of my mind I find myself asking, “if I slow down then what would the people around me think?”

Getting right to the point, if I do not know the expectations from those that matter most, I will never meet them.

Side note: “The person that matters the most is you.”

For me this is a difficult task, not worry about those others in the room, huh.

The point of this discussion is to understand we set our own expectations each day. No one knows what you are going through and could be dealing with unless you tell them.

People will respond as expected most of the time.

Much like a child on the playground that falls, if you rush over and make a big deal out of a small scratch then the child will cry, after all we have set the expectations that a fall equals pain.

We are all going to fall through out the day, is it really just a small scratch?

Remember we are only let down by our own expectations.

Write out three expectations you have for this day.

Thanks for joining me today.