My first book was completed and I wanted to push the “publish” button to complete the publishing process. The reality was the book was on paper but it may not have been ready for publishing.

I had made several attempts to get honest feedback on my work. I tried sharing with a few local friends asking them to read and review the proof. My friends all gave me a resounding thumbs up. Maybe my friends were surprised to see what had been put together. After all many people declare they will write a book and I actually had.

I also mailed out 70 packets containing a portion of the book with a 5 question survey to additional friends around the country trying to get honest feedback. I love my friends, and they love me so much they did not want to hurt my feelings. All but one of my friends told me how great the book was, but the one friend gave me some good insight and told me a few points to improve.

Is that what it is like when you are trying to get feedback from your co-workers or staff?

Lucky for me I found a editor willing to take a chance by telling me I should start over. I may not have liked that feedback, but it was the best feedback I had received. She is still my editor and I feel lucky to have her.

Always create an open environment of trust. The bottom line is I knew I would not grow unless I received honest feedback. Be excited to hear what others around you have to say. Look for other ways to look at everything and allow yourself to grow.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today!