You have more to give to yourself, when you don't let them steal it.

Think back to the last time you were driving down the road. It is magnificent day, the sun is shinning, birds are chirping and you are sitting next to your most loved human in the world. It is like you are in a bubble isolated from all the rat race of the day. You are thinking “what a great day”!

Out of no-where some maniac comes flying by startling you, cuts you off and you react.

You have a choice to make at that very instant. How will you respond?

  • I’m going to chase this person down and give them a piece of my mind, I want to yell at them!
  • I’m going to chase this person down and let them know how I feel!
  • I’m going to speed up and give them the “look”!

Or could you take a different approach understanding nothing you can say or do is going to change what happened. You could have a different mind-set. Could you chose a different path?

  • That person sure was in a hurry!
  • Crazy man, hope that person is ok.
  • Wow…

Nothing we can do will change what has happened. We can let it affect the next emotions if we allow it. I understand there are a lot of drivers out there and I am prepared for that person who will cut me off. I understand how ever emotional I get will only take away from my day.

And so it comes down to choice. I chose to forgive and forget the driver I may never encounter again. The choice is made in advance. I know by making advanced decisions the emotion is limited and my decisions are under control. It works at the office or at home.

Give it a try, and by the way have a wonderful day!

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