Result-measured Business Consulting for Exceptional Performance


  • Serving Executive, management and owner levels
  • Targeting companies/organizations with 25 to 150 employees/people

Attitude, Focus and Accountability Create ROI


The reason many businesses do not consistently achieve their goals, is not due to lack of vision, talent, know-how or commitment. The issue is that business success is always the result of the incremental daily successes of each member of the team. Yet, employees at all levels of operation—from the bottom to the top—often find themselves bogged down in the various cycles of everyday “business as usual.”


Based on his 10 Seconds Daily process, Tim Marvel helps businesses break through the patterns that keep greater productivity and profitability at arm’s length. His consultative services are designed for the C-suite and mid-managers to help them invigorate the entire organization with new concepts, processes and measurements. Tim Marvel has guided many businesses and organizations to greater success by helping them integrate his 10 Seconds Daily principles into the company culture. His guidance ultimately helps leaders and employees alike to make better daily decisions, take more purposeful action and accomplish more of the right objectives.