When I was a much younger man I heard the saying if you were not getting any complaints you were not doing enough work. I don’t know if that is true, but it does make sense.

I take great pride in being open and honest with each post. My biggest struggle at times is finding the right thing to share with you.

With this being said I wanted to fill in a couple other blanks about myself.

First I am married to a wonderful woman. She challenges me to be better every day.

I love dogs. I have had several and currently have one boarder collie. His name is Jake and is deeply loved. We lost Blanca a couple of years ago and I cried like never before. I loved her and miss her as much today as the day we lost her.

I have a daughter. Our relationship is not perfect. Bottom line is the my unconditional love that I have for her.

I am a believer in Christ. I struggle to let go of control and work on this daily. I am a loving person and try to close every conversation with a simple question, “is there anything I  can do for you?”

My biggest fear is failure, but I will never tell you when I am failing. To me failure is feedback. I will only have failed if I quit trying to succeed. The one statement that describes me best is “never give up”.

My biggest goal is to give each day. To set an example so when I do leave this earth it will be a better place because of it. The best and worst part is I never know who I influence to have a better hour, day, week, month or life.

My goal is not to get you to live my life, you must live your own. Don’t make choices based on what I say, make them on making a better life for you and your loved ones.

Our life is not just our own, it belongs to everyone you touch and love.

What can I do to help you today?

Have I ruffled any feathers today?