Throughout history leaders have relied upon advice from knowledgeable individuals. It is recorded many times in history books and religious text. Even today when we think of presidents and world leaders they are surrounded by paid advisors leading them with information to find the answers within themselves.

I find it amazing these advisors earn between two hundred and thirty five hundred dollars a day.

As I reviewed the January 2009 Harvard study by Diane Coutu and Carol Kauffman I found these advisors not only advised on professional events, over time the majority became involved in personal affairs as well. In fact, seventy six percent of coaches surveyed have assisted executives with personal issues.

Coaching has evolved from ten years ago focusing on a toxic behavior in upper level management to today developing the capabilities of high potential performers.

The bottom line is coaching can help most everyone. If you search for a coach find someone you have chemistry with, the relationship should not be a struggle. Look for certifications and testimonials in your search.

It could be as simple as findingĀ as near a balance in your life as possible. We our home life is a struggle in most cases leads to struggles at the office. When you are struggling at the office, well you get the point.