Before you take the time to hire the perfect fit, let’s not forget why we are hiring a coach. We are looking to infuse change into our daily routines for better results. We are hiring a change agent. We have to be open to change to move forward.

Here is a quick review of the five keys to change:

  1. We discussed the first key to change is being ready.
  2. The second key to change is to ask yourself why.
  3. The third key to change is being realistic.
  4. The fourth key to change is failure and feedback.
  5. The fifth key to change is get support (coach)

You have made the decision to hire a coach.

The first step is have an idea of what you want the end results of hiring and paying for a coaches time.

Next it is time to research. You reach out to some of your trusted friends working in your field for referrals.

You should be well prepared for the interview with questions and expectations. One note to keep in mind is many coaches are one hundred percent phone contact. If you desire face to face could limit your options.

For some professional fields such as Speakers and Real Estate for example professional coaches work for much larger companies with additional resources such as conventions, books and other supporting materials.

Remember the first key to change, are you ready? The more committed you are, the quicker you will see results.