As I watched a sporting event this past weekend I started thinking about all the reasons why a team would clear the bench. After all clearing the bench is a big thing! So let’s talk about why it happens.

First, clearing the bench could be one team has the game in hand, they have a big lead and want to get experience for some of the non-regular players.  It could be the end of the season, a reward for all the time given by the non-starting players. If you have ever sat the bench this is an exciting time. You see this in college sports quite often.

It could also be a bench clearing brawl. I believe it was much more common in sports to see brawls a few years ago. It became costly when million dollar players were injured. Normally this type of brawl is a build up of emotions over time. Mostly kept in check, but not always. You see this in baseball, hockey and basketball.

The most favorite is the end of the game rushing of the court bench clearing celebration. All the players and coaches rush the floor hugging each other in jubilation of victory. This may be the most uncontrollable show of emotion. Some cry with joy exhausted from the effort. The build up of the years effort. You can see this at any time and more so at the end of the season.

There is a common thread to all three of these examples. This thread is not the same in each example but has a lot of control over you and it changes from second to second. Think about the game that goes back and forth, one team is wining the other scores, a see-saw effect. The final seconds tick away and the winning team cannot contain themselves as they run to the floor.

My question for you today is what is going to get you off of the bench. You are showing up every day, putting in the effort. Will it be the emotion of frustration, anger, a reward or celebration?

Our emotional state is what drives our why and moves us forward.

You know my goal is to keep in mind the effort and attitude to move forward each day.