The danger of loose ends

Most of us use a computer for our day to day activities. From time to time we find a good sweep and clean up helps our computer run more efficiently. The clean up allows the computer to act faster with less effort.

The same can be true about your brain. After all your brain is a computer.

When was the last time you did a defrag on your brain? You know what I mean, you looked for all the wasted space in your mind.

How do you become more effective? You do so by making decisions to clean up lose ends to projects almost complete and complete them.

When you have unfinished business your brain wastes valuable space in reminding you to finish up. At the same time you could be trying to add new projects. This could cause you to become forgetful or confused on facts.

Your brain can only handle so much input.

So do yourself a favor, clean up any projects hanging out. Finish up unfinished business. You may find this frees your brain to work more efficiently.

Thanks for joining me.

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