I was excited to listen to a speaker as he talked about character. During an hour long interview as he broke character down into three categories discipline, endurance and courage.

Today let’s visit on discipline. Here are a few notes taken during the discussion.

He talked about paying in advance the pain it takes to move forward. There is a pain in discipline either in the beginning or at the end. There is less pain if the work is done in advance.

My statement for that is “know in advance, do in advance”.

If I know I have to prospect before to gain additional opportunities than I need to take action. It is very painful waiting for a customer when I have not planted the seed or given them a reason to work with me.

Another way to describe discipline is “advanced decision making”. Planning, maybe journaling. The bottom line is you are making decisions in advance. These decisions are not influenced by the other activities around you. You can take the emotions out of the equation many times.

Much of this conversation leads right into accountability. That is a whole new conversation in itself.

What can you do to work on your “advanced decision making skills” today?

Thanks for joining me today.